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"Uber ZigZag"

Client: Uber
Product: Uber
Title: Uber ZigZag
Media: outdoor, digital
Country: Spain
Date Of Campaign: 22/12/2018

Background: Last year, 1 in 3 drivers who died in traffic accidents had consumed alcohol. Uber launched a message to raise awareness among fans about the risk of driving under the influence of alcoholic beverages, as football and alcohol are very closely linked, especially on match days.

Idea: We created something never seen before on a football pitch: the halfway line on the pitch appeared completely crooked minutes before the start of an official First Division game. A very surprising, innovative and very powerful image. The focus of all the camera flashes and everyone´s attention before the match. The 60,000 spectators, sports journalists and television cameras in attendance at the stadium were perplexed to discover that the halfway line on the pitch was completely deformed in an irregular zigzag pattern.Moments before the players took to the pitch, the layer of grass used to create the illusion was removed, at the same time a banner was placed in the centre of the pitch, messages displayed on the scoreboards and flyers given out to fans solved the mystery and revealed our participation: “If you drink and drive, everything gets distorted. Uber”.

Results: More than 50,000,000 users impactedMore than 900 publications in media outlets (including the main news and sports newspapers in the country)More than 60,000 live spectatorsMore than 1,000 mentions on social networks.

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