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"Overconfidence Cover"

Client: RACV
Product: Pet Insurance
Title: Overconfidence Cover
Media: OOH, Online Film, Medical Supplies
Country: Australia
Date Of Campaign: January 2019 - Onwards

Background: The brief was to launch RACV Pet Insurance, a new entrant in the market. The target market was all Australian pet owners. Because 96% of them had no health cover at all for their beloved pets.

Idea: We designed thousands of bespoke, badass veterinary products. Then fitted them to injured animals at the places they regularly congregated: Australia’s top 10 largest Animal Hospitals. Thousands of bandages, cones and wheelchairs that celebrated risk-taking pets were made in collaboration with world-leading designers including the car designers from The Fast and the Furious, the costume designers from Priscilla Queen of the Desert and Lifestlye Channel tattoo stars Bondi Ink. Each came with a code that activated RACV Overconfidence Cover. Vets used the tough, medical-grade products on their patients. And the patched-up pets became Instagram-worthy ambassadors for the brand via their proud owner’s social media accounts. They also became the stars of a major advertising campaign that included TVCs, display and social. RACV Overconfidence Cover. Pets are batshit crazy – and so is not insuring them.

Results: Objective: Increase sales of RACV Pet InsuranceResult: We smashed our target in just a few weeks. The launch of Overconfidence Cover saw a 350% increase in sales, achieving our target in just the first month of the campaign. Making it one of the most successful integrated campaigns of a new product ever for RACV.Objective: Gain credibility as a pet insurerResult: The campaign significantly outperformed the category, with more than 1 in 3 pet owners who saw the campaign taking a positive action and 60% of pet owners who saw the campaign believing RACV was a trustworthy pet insurer.Objective: Generate PR for RACV Pet Insurance. (Target was 5 million impressions).Result: The earned PR coverage of Overconfidence Cover led to 55 million media impressions in a country of 25 million people. The campaign generated $6.4 million in earned media.

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