Client: DIMES
Country: TURKEY
Date Of Campaign: 30.01.2018

Background: While the world consumption trends are directed to healthy and natural products today, Dimes, Turkey’s one of the biggest fruit juice brands, wanted to adopt its squeezed fruit juice products to its main communication strategy by embracing the breakfast meal that the squeezed fruit juices are mostly consumed. In accordance with our strategy, we aimed to build a platform which makes Dimes the first brand that comes to mind when “breakfast” is ready. This living and continuous platform, targets to catch maximum reach and increase squeezed juice consumption habit for breakfast meal. Towards our goals, we focused on developing a strong solution for breakfast tradition and communication by removing linear perspectives about breakfast.

Idea: In this process, we have positioned young and young adults at the heart of our communication strategy who covers the 64% of the market’s juice consumption. In line with our researches, instead of telling the benefits of fruit juice, we aimed to position the category at the center of our social life by transforming the Turkey’s most visited breakfast street ‘’Besiktas Breakfast Street’’ into the experience field of Dimes and maximizing the consumption of squeezed fruit juice rate for breakfast in Istanbul which has 67% of the Fruit Juice market consumption in Turkey.

Results: To prepare the Turkey's largest breakfast table, we changed the atmosphere of the street with a team of 20 architects and 300 people in 1.5 years by renovating 2352 square meters of 28 apartment frontals and 21 breakfast restaurants on 3 streets. We implemented building painting with 17 different colors. We made a better way to a social and healthy breakfast with 1100 m2 of road and pavement renewal. We performed 650 m2 of awning renewal. With 500 table and chair renewals, we carried vitality to the breakfast tables. With a TV series integration and awareness increasing digital projects we announced the street to Turkey and especially to youth. We reintroduced the historic building at the entrance of the Street as one of the most interactive outdoor media platforms in Turkey with 3 million visibility. We became a subject to 59 news, gained 2.848.712 total reach and 880.115 total circulation. The population of the Street increased by 25%. Dimes Moments products increased its tonnage by 47% in one year. Dimes acquired 56% market share in squeezed fruit juice category. We made Turkey’s biggest “Breakfast Street”, that has 3 million visibility and reach, Dimes’ communication and PR plateau.

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