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"Flat Pack Fiasco"

Client: Barclaycard
Product: Credit Builder Tool
Title: Flat Pack Fiasco
Media: Online Film
Country: UK
Date Of Campaign: 06/08/2018

Background: Establishing a good credit rating is one of the most important things you can build.Because it is key to getting all of the big and small things in life – from a mortgage or a car loan through to even a mobile phone contract.But a lot of people just don’t know how to build their credit rating.So Barclaycard created an online Credit Builder Tool to demystify it all, and help people build it the right way. And they asked us to help make sure people started using it.

Idea: Driving people to a Credit Building Tool is not an easy ask. It’s a pretty dry subject – and its complex nature isn’t something many people are drawn to.So, rather than dive into the numbers, we looked for something that shared the complexity of building a credit rating, but had the engaging simplicity we needed to get our message across.And that’s where the Flatpack Fiasco was born: because trying to build flatpack furniture without instructions is just as challenging as trying to build your credit rating without help.To prove it, that’s just what we did. Unsuspecting members of the public were given instructionless furniture to assemble. And then we filmed and shared their hapless efforts. In all their misplaced screw, not-fitting-in-slot, bickering glory.

Results: Our Flatpack Fiasco campaign was definitely assembled the right way. Within just 5 weeks of the film’s release online we’d clocked up over 10 million views - beating our target by 39%.But more importantly, visits to Barclaycard’s Credit Builder Tool had increased by a massive 2,060%. And these visits were actually converting into genuine learning experiences. As completion rates for people engaging with the Credit Builder Tool were an unheard of 92%.Feels good to build something the right way.

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