Shackleton Madrid S.L.

"Xmas Mode"

Client: Shackleton
Product: Shackleton
Title: Xmas Mode
Media: digital, mobile
Country: Spain
Date Of Campaign: 18/12/2018

Background: We wanted to congratulate all the clients, by carrying out a Christmas action that showed the agency´s capacity to integrate different disciplines, by creating an innovative user experience, that was “phygital” yet traditional and collaborative. A “useful” tool when it comes to resolving a recognisable insight.

Idea: We took advantage of the recurrent message of brands that recommend forgetting about your mobile at Christmas gatherings, in order to offer a solution that made it possible to be connected at the time of year when we most remember our loved ones.We turned the mobile into another Christmas ally and invented a new function for it: Xmas Mode is a digital, and in turn, physical tool, allowing families and friends to transform their mobiles into nativity figures. Xmas Mode is available at and has 14 characters such as St Joseph, the Virgin, the mule and the shepherd, among others. Using them it is possible to create living nativity scenes with real actors who were filmed and that interact with one another.

Results: + 800,000 users impacted+ 1,200 mentions on Social Networks+ 4,400 nativity scenes in 40 different countries.Source: Analytics

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