"Money Pools"

Client: PayPal
Product: Money Pools
Title: Money Pools
Media: OOO and digital
Country: United Kingdom
Date Of Campaign: Launched June 2018

Background: Our brief:Digital finance has grown crazy competitive lately. There are tons of fresh faces offering smart ways to move money. So to show the new kids who’s boss PayPal created a new product. Money Pools. It’s the digital ‘kitty’ that makes chipping in for group fun a doddle. Everyone can contribute ahead of time, saving that one person the trouble of taking the hit and having to chase everyone else for money owed.Our brief was to give this brand new product the launch campaign it deserved, cutting through the noise of the new players in digital finance. Specifically, we needed to: • Increase the overall number of Money Pools created by 4k. • Increase the number of Money Pools that are activated (meaning they’ve been shared and filled with money) by 1.2k.Our strategy:To pull this off we knew we needed to position Money Pools as the perfect way to get the tiresome task of collecting money done and dusted ASAP. It needed to feel like a way to help you get to the fun faster and make it bigger and better, rather than getting in the way. So we did some research and found that a quarter (16 million) of all Britons admit to missing a social occasion due to work. With the UK work-life balance so far out of whack we knew that when our audience managed to spend time with their loved ones they’d want it done right. Not half-arsed. Not just ok.So ‘make it count’ became our creative proposition. Next, we took a dive into PayPal’s customer data. We were looking for the key occasions when people pay for things together (particularly those moments when group funding is a massive faff). Birthdays, holidays, teacher gifts and kid’s summer parties became our key moments. We also used that data to identify the audiences that would be most likely to embrace Money Pools. They were ‘adults with children’ (specifically with children still at school) and ‘young singletons’ (18-35, without kids).We had our angle, our audiences and our targets. The stage was set for one hell of a launch.

Idea: The idea: Please see our video here https://vimeo.com/327296955 using the password: London2019 We took the moments that matter to our audience and made them EPIC. We created a concept around each key occasion, making them all bigger, brighter and more colourful than you’d ever imagine – all to show that when you sort out the dosh ahead of time with Money Pools there’s nothing to get in the way of having a great time with your pals.Why give a succulent when you can give a giant cactus? Why say happy birthday when you can scream it? Why chill in the pool when you can fill up the pool? And why piñata when you can PINATA?By visually emphasising the details that make events shareable on Instagram, the campaign tapped into the audience’s desire to make every social occasion enviable.Our eccentric visuals really suited formats like social and OOH, and drew the audience in with a playful sense of scale and fun. Then we took that exuberance up a notch with animated executions. Not only did they look great, they visually demonstrated how plans grow bigger and better when more people chip in.We even gave our headlines the same treatment as the visuals, keeping them punchy and full of energy. And this irreverent attitude helped target people emotionally rather than relying on a rational product message – which cut straight through our opposition’s ads. The new faces in digital finance focus heavily on product features. So by going for an emotionally led message we caught the attention of our audience in a big way.This firmly positioned Money Pools as more than a way to move money around. It marked it as the perfect tool for making the most of social occasions.

Results: By turning up the fun factor we not only grabbed our audience’s attention. We made them act. In the first 25 days of the campaign, we pumped up 4.1k social occasions through the creation of new Money Pools. (Taking care of KPI one.)The number of new Money Pools created grew at an incredible rate of 1112% week-on-week.1.8k pools were then activated and used by customers, with a further 935 adding to their pool totals since the launch of the campaign. (Taking care of KPI two.)And a staggering total of £1.5m was added to Money Pools over the course of the campaign.

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