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HiQ Tyres and Autocare
"Supermarket, Hardware store and Cafe"

Client: HiQ Tyres and Autocare
Product: Automotive care
Title: Supermarket, Hardware store and Cafe
Media: Radio
Country: United Kingdom
Date Of Campaign: March 2019

Background: HiQ is a chain of Autocare centres and there's usually one in the town's high street. However, unlike the big national brands (Halfords and Kwik Fit), each HiQ centre is family-run and very much a part of the local community.

Idea: While we all rely on our local supermarket, hardware store, pharmacy, butcher, barber, cafe...etc. - we don't seem to have a local garage. So our idea was to position HiQ as your local garage. A familiar, reassuring and trustworthy place you can rely on for all your motoring needs. And nothing says "local" better than a mental list of chores.

Results: Currently on air so we are awaiting results.

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