"Live Unscripted"

Client: BMW
Product: n/a
Title: Live Unscripted
Media: n/a
Country: Canada
Date Of Campaign: November 2018

Background: In North America, the SUV segment is the single fastest growing automotive category. But with a product lineup at the end of its cycle, BMW was losing ground. At the heart of the opportunity was the BMW X3: a mid-sized SUV that hadn’t had a major update in seven years. The old X3 was looking and feeling tired. But in 2018, BMW would release a brand new, and fully redesigned X3. The new vehicle needed not only to sell out, but to re-establish BMW as a key player in the SUV segment. According to Google’s Think Auto 2017 report, 90% of consumers use the internet as a resource while shopping for cars. With mounting pressure for high-performance digital marketing, BMW needed to walk a careful balance of maintaining its premium brand feel, while meeting its targets’ needs across all points of their non-linear journey to purchase.

Idea: To launch the 2018 BMW X3, we created, “Live Unscripted” – an omni-channel advertising program that allowed consumers to write their own story at every touchpoint. To establish the campaign story, we used mass media (TV, print, OOH). This is where we showed the big picture of what this vehicle is about, and what it stands for: independence. With the story established, we used an innovative mix of tactics to bring the idea – and experience – to life across the digital customer journey.

Results: – Outperformed previous X3 consideration-driving efforts with a 23% YoY lift in search, and drove 108,817 unique visitors to the site. – 19% increase in interest and searches– 33% sales increase over previous year– Gained 240% more leads than average (880 vs. 259).

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