"#Where’sBobby ?"

Client: TGV
Product: TGV Inoui
Title: #Where’sBobby ?
Media: digital
Country: France
Date Of Campaign: end 2018

Background: TGV (France’s high-speed train) is one of the most hated brands on French social media. In 2017, they decided to rebrand as TGV InOUI (The Incredible TGV), but that didn’t go down so well with French people. In 2018, they released a campaign to relaunch the brand but a continuity error in its final scene meant the campaign’s dog disappeared.

Idea: Where’s Bobby? As a social media agency, we’ve decided to act straight away in order to avoid absolute disaster by turning this error into a giant search on social media for the little pup.

Results: Budget: 50k€ - 23 million impressions- 1.817 million engagement- +27% positive conversations- x2.5 Instagram followers

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