"Social Plates"

Client: Bru
Product: Water
Title: Social Plates
Media: Mobile
Country: Belgium
Date Of Campaign: 01/02/2019

Background: BRU is Belgium’s finest water. A true Belgian legacy brand positioned as thé reference water you drink at the table when fine dining with friends or family. However, last few years BRU is being challenged by San Pelligrino on its very own territory: the table. In order to reclaim that table and rebecome thought-leader in any quality-table matter, BRU changed the whole communication strategy.From straight image driven, to behavioral-changing communication, tapping into new annoying table-culture. Like ‘Foodstagramming’ – trying to snap the perfect picture of your meal - for example. Nowadays, 1 out of 5 gives more facetime to their tiny screen than to anything else. It’s time to break the habit. And BRU wants to help change that behavior.

Idea: Social Plates. Plates designed to remind you to put your phone down and stop Instagramming your dinner. The Bru Social Plates are handmade by the famous Belgian ceramic designer ‘Martine Keirsebilck’. They feature a delicate pattern that hides a secret: a QR code that sends a message to everyone who takes photos of their food, directly within the camera screen of the smartphone. Just pointing a mobile phone camera at the plate reveals the message from BRU in the screen: ‘Nice photo! But don’t forget to enjoy your dining companions as well.’ The power of this campaign comes from the simplicity of using the inbuilt built-in QR reader that comes as standard on most phones since 2017 – no apps or downloads needed!

Results: BRU Social Plates are hand-made and were ordered by over 300 restaurants in the three days following the launch! Proving a clear and instant appetite for them. Press also engaged massively. All major publishers covered the idea and the topic of too much ‘screen-attention’ while at the table became a national debate.Turning the whole campaign into native advertising and reclaiming BRU’s though leadership at the table.

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