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OVK / PEVR (Parents of Road Victims)

Client: OVK / PEVR (Parents of Road Victims)
Product: Road Safety Awareness Message
Title: #Speedtalk
Media: Online, Outdoor
Country: Belgium
Date Of Campaign: 19/09/2017

Background: With many road safety campaigns focussing on texting and driving in recent years, people tend to forget that speeding is still the biggest killer on our roads. Knowing that speeding tickets were having little effect, the organization ‘Parents of Road Victims’ asked us to remind all Belgians about the importance of not speeding.

Idea: The SpeedTalk project was set up in cooperation with the 'Belgian Road Police’. For several days, actual parents of road victims accompanied police units while performing speed checks. Those who were pulled over for speeding were invited to have a chat about their way of driving. During this chat they discovered they were actually talking to a parent who lost a child due to speeding, leaving an everlasting impression. Especially compared to receiving yet another speeding ticket.

Results: The SpeedTalk project was picked up by all main news media. The participating parents were invited to radio and TV talkshows to tell their story and spread their message. The video itself became a viral success and gathered 1 million views in a couple of days, without any paid media. An extraordinary result for a country as small as Belgium.

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