Product: CAR / VEHICLE
Media: Social Media
Country: SPAIN
Date Of Campaign: 14 FEBRUARY 2017

Background: One of the greatest values of the Smart brand is differentiation. If you have a Smart you are not like the rest of the drivers. Smart Tailor Made is a model that allows you to fully customize your car. Of all the elements that you can personalize, being able to choose exactly one color for your Smart is the benefit that best symbolizes the concept "Tailor Made".To communicate that the smart Tailor Made model allows you to choose the exact color you want to create a totally customized smart.We used the windows of dealerships to show how. Through technology that captures the colors of the people walking in front of it, we made the car change its color, instantly, just like a chameleon.

Idea: Your clothes define you. We all prefer some colors to others and the color palette of our wardrobe reflects our personality. It would be nice for people to feel that they can choose exactly their color palette also in their car.We wanted the consumer to experience in a real way the feeling of being able to decide the color customization of his car. That's why we decided to bet on an experiential action, where the consumer could interact in a real way with the product. We chose one of the most important dealership which is located in a fashion street in Madrid. A key place for our target. We put a car in neutral color inside the dealer window facing the street and we installed a technology based on mapping and recognition of colors able to detect the color of the clothes of the people who passed in front of the dealer window. Once it recognized their clothes color, our smart instantly changed its colors to match the clothes for the surprise of the passer-by.

Results: We posted a video on Valentine’s day. The action had qualitative results in terms of awareness and an increase of the interest of this model in the dealership where the action was executed. The video that was shared on smart social media achieved 184,000 reproductions in the first 24 hours.

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