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Treasury Wine Estates
"Living Wine Labels"

Client: Treasury Wine Estates
Title: Living Wine Labels
Media: Innovation
Country: USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand
Date Of Campaign: January 2018

Background: In the late 18th century, if a citizen of the British Isles committed any one of 19 crimes, he or she was punished by transportation to Australia.For those lucky enough to survive the journey by sea, a new world awaited.19 Crimes was a brand that celebrated the pioneers of the new colony and the culture they established.The labels of the wines told the true stories of the convicts, scholars and rebels who had been transported.For instance, Hard Chard celebrated the women who had been banished.The Red Blend featured John Boyle O'Reilly, who escaped to America.However, in an increasingly competitive retail environment, the brand needed to capture new consumers.

Idea: An AR app was developed, "19 Crimes AR", that used marker-based AR technology and real-time game engines to seamlessly animate the unique mugshots on bottles, allowing users to hear the convicts' stories in their own words.19 Crimes AR became a phenomenon, with people sharing their experiences via viral videos and social media, impacting millions of users.As a result, the app was relaunched to include more brands – Beringer Bros, Chateau St. Jean, Gentleman's Collection and The Walking Dead.28 different labels were able to trigger unique AR experiences. Available for both Android and iOS, smartphone users could seamlessly switch from bottle to bottle, learning the story behind each label.

Results: With every new experience released for new brands, growth was maintained and with it the sales surrounding the associated brands.Results include:1 million AR app downloads.Trending status in the iTunes App Store.Average app session duration of 3:39 minutes.128 million earned media impressions via mass media outlets.Viral video, uploaded by a distributor to Facebook, earned 18M views organically.

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