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"Addressing The Problem"

Client: W3W
Product: Postal System
Title: Addressing The Problem
Media: Direct Mail
Country: Global
Date Of Campaign: 15/11/2017

Background: Around 75% of the world, including many developing nations, lack a proper address system. Leaving around 4 billion people virtually invisible without a reliable way of receiving important mail. In addition, lack of a proper addressing system is a barrier to growth for developing nations as they cannot benefit from the increase in mail from e-commerce.Putting an addressing infrastructure in place normally costs millions of dollars and can take years to accomplish. Our brief was to directly contact Postmasters in selected developing markets to drive leads. Specifically, we wanted to convince them that we understand the problem in their country and that we could provide a cost effective and time efficient way of providing their nation with an addressing solution. Our objective was to have them contact us to begin a conversation.

Idea: Our challenge was to get the mailings to their destinations safely when there was no reliable addressing system in place. However, we also wanted each mailing to communicate clearly to Postmasters the difficulties their citizens face when trying to send mail around the country. Our creative leap was to use the ingenious methods the local people in those countries use when they are sending letters; hand written directions, maps, descriptions and drawings. We painstakingly researched the locations of each of the Postal Head Quarters in each of the nations. Then we set about carefully crafting pictorial “addresses” on the front of each envelope. Each pictorial address was unique and specifically designed to assist the postman to get the mailing safely to its destination. The added bonus of this creative solution was that it communicated clearly to the Post Masters the problem of having no clear addressing system and the lengths people were having to go to when sending mail.

Results: All the letters reached their destination. From the last 15 letters sent out, conversations have been started with 6 National Postal systems. And one of those has now signed an annual contract.In developing countries, having a proper address means that water points can be monitored and fixed, humanitarian aid can be requested and hospitals and schools can be found.

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