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Schöb Ag
"Mail Sent Directly from the Forest"

Client: Schöb Ag
Product: timber construction systems
Title: Mail Sent Directly from the Forest
Media: Direct Mailing, Image Brochure
Country: Switzerland
Date Of Campaign: April 2017

Background: Schöb AG is one of the leading Swiss timber construction companies and primarily uses wood from Swiss forests. The goal was to make this clear to potential new clients (architects and professional building owners) while at the same time inspiring them to get in touch.

Idea: We wanted to create a direct mailer that would elicit a response, that makes it clear immediately what it is about and at the same time demonstrates the range of services Schöb offers.We created a “sustainable” direct mailer in a high-quality, personalized sleeve made of real wood – raw bark on the one side and finely processed Swiss timber on the other. The sleeve contained a brochure that used striking images and brief texts to depict the route that the Swiss timber travels from forest to finished wooden structure. The affectionately written cover letter invited the reader to get in touch or to have a look at the Schöb website, where they could travel so deep into the Swiss forest that they could even listen to bird calls.

Results: The mailer was followed up with a phone call. As a result, 18% of recipients scheduled a meeting, and up to today, these meetings have resulted in seven contracts for large-scale projects.

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