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BCF - Boating, Camping, Fishing
"The Email Lure"

Client: BCF - Boating, Camping, Fishing
Title: The Email Lure
Media: Online & Digital
Country: Australia
Date Of Campaign: April 2017

Background: BCF (boating, camping, fishing) was one of Australia's largest outdoor leisure retailers. Their mission was to inspire people to master their outdoor passions and become 'BCFing experts'. They were also serious about fishing and each store was packed full of gear to help people catch the big one. By signing up to become 'Club BCF members' people received emails with exclusive offers and discounts. The problem was BCF had 42,000 inactive subscribers who hadn't opened at least their last 20 emails. The task was to get them back on board, opening emails and re-engaging with the brand and, hopefully, buying more product.

Idea: Recall emails usually happen when someone sends the wrong message to the wrong person, then tries to take it back. But all this does is generate a second 'Retrieval request' message, which has the opposite effect. Nothing gets people's attention faster than telling them not to look at something.What's more, the idea of tossing something out and taking it back to entice a bite is just like lure fishing. It's all about nailing the retrieval. This thought led to the 'Email Lure', an email that was cast out and retrieved to catch the elusive target species.

Results: From a group that hadn't opened their last 20 emails, the clickthrough rate was 335% above average.Final ROI was 715.71%.

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