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"Six Second Sale"

Client: Myer
Product: Myer
Title: Six Second Sale
Media: Six Second Sale
Country: Australia
Date Of Campaign: 2 June 2017

Background: Australian retailers are struggling to breathe life into their traditional sales events. Stocktake Sales, Boxing Day Sales, and End of Financial Year Sales are all in decline.Customers have sales fatigue. Because we live in an ‘always-on-sale’ global marketplace and at any given moment, a retailer somewhere is on sale. Getting a discount is no longer a treat, it’s simply expected. Sales communications wash over people and it’s getting increasingly hard to make an impact.Myer, as Australia’s largest Department Store, has historically relied on two annual Stocktake sale events to deliver important sales momentum. Over the last three years however, Myer’s Stocktake Sale events have seen an average 3% sales decline YOY.The brief for Myer’s 2017 mid-year Stocktake sale was to find a new way to engage customers with sales messaging and put momentum back into the sales event.

Idea: The creative idea was to utilize 6 second Bumpers to serve single product offers with discounted price points available nowhere else. The hook was we’d only serve each offer once to a single user. If that user didn’t click on the offer within 6 seconds, then it was gone and they’d never get it again. It was a genuine ‘miss it and miss out for ever’ sales proposition.To achieve this, we required Google to re-build the way that 6 second Bumpers worked. Prior to this campaign, 6 second Bumpers weren’t clickable. Having got the Bumper format changed, we used YouTube’s Vogon to create hundreds of separate 6 second offer videos and serve them dynamically. We created 200+ different offer bumpers, each one with a price point at least 5% better than any offer available elsewhere and a guarantee that those price-points wouldn’t be repeated.

Results: Overall, Myer’s mid-year Stocktake sale reversed the 3% YOY sales decline.The CTR for the Bumpers was 0.36% (over 15,000 clicks). As this is the first campaign to ever feature a clickable Bumper there are no comparable benchmarks.Of those clicks we handed off 6,992 customers to pre-populated shopping carts.The average value of the sale items was $118 (total value over $825,000) with an average profit margin of 31%. The net profit when removing media and production costs was $135,767 resulting in a campaign ROI of 113%. Additionally, YouTube brand metrics tracking showed the campaign resulted in a 21.7% lift in Myer Stocktake Sale advertising recall and a 19.3% lift in overall brand awareness. Impressive statistics given the $40k media spend, helped by the fact the Six Second Sale campaign made nightly news reports on Channel Seven, Nine and Ten alongside a host of online and print media articles.

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