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Swann Insurance
"Inconvenience Stores"

Client: Swann Insurance
Product: Motorcycle Insurance
Title: Inconvenience Stores
Media: TV, Direct, Online, Store Activation, Out of Home, Trade Press Magazines, Social
Country: Australia
Date Of Campaign: 01 September 2017

Background: Swann Insurance is a leading specialist motorcycle insurer in Australia. Their niche market was changing as bigger, more general insurers were cutting prices and weakening Swann’s specialist proposition. An aging campaign that focused on rational benefits (protection and value) had worked when motorcyclists defaulted to specialists; but they could no longer be relied upon to choose Swann.Swann needed to transform their brand to build an emotional connection to the sub-culture it served; a subculture where identity and belonging mattered most.The brief was to establish a positioning and a platform that drove the relevance of the Swann brand again and demonstrated that Swann Insurance was an integral part of the motorcycling subculture within Australia.

Idea: As an insurer, Swann’s core benefit is one of protection – protecting riders’ passion and their bikes. However, to truly make a difference in the category, Swann needed to do the opposite of what an insurer would do (reduce risk) and proactively enable riders to enjoy their passion to the fullest. Research showed that riders were using their motorbikes less as they grew older – with the average rider getting on their bike just twice a month.Turning an everyday errand into an epic adventure, Swann ‘Inconvenience Stores’ opened at the end of Australia’s best rides. Along with the stores, the Inconvenient Product Range was born. Made purely for riders, units of milk, chocolate and toilet paper were produced and stocked on the shelves at each Inconvenience Store. They were free for riders and offered them a 10% insurance discount to drive direct acquisition.Getting the milk now meant getting on your bike for hours – in some cases days.Supporting the launch, a TVC announced the opening of the stores to the nation. This was reinforced through PR, digital and social channels and the creation of online maps that helped riders find their furthest store. Outdoor placements in far-off regional areas were also utilised, showing riders the way across the country.

Results: From entire clubs, to celebrities, enthusiasts and casual riders, all types on all kinds of bikes began going great distances to grab the milk – some even interstate. And Swann Insurance proved it understood riders better than anyone else, with the results to show for it.The campaign saw leads increase by 23%. An increase in online engagement of 284% and a growth in revenue of 52.6% from the previous year.The campaign delivered a positive ROI of $1:$7.14 – for every $1AUD Swann Insurance spent, the campaign delivered $7.14 in revenue.

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