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Bijoux Indiscrets
"Real Orgasms: The Exhibition"

Client: Bijoux Indiscrets
Product: Bijoux Indiscrets
Title: Real Orgasms: The Exhibition
Media: Outdoor / Pop-up event / Poster
Country: Spain
Date Of Campaign: 5th april 2017

Background: Bijoux Indiscrets, a brand of erotic products for women, in an effort to show the full gamut of female sexuality, conducted a study to determine how fiction conditions our desires, expectations and sexual behavior. We found that the image we have of sex is completely distorted by what we have seen in the media, especially in porn movies, and this prejudges hurt women’s sexual lives. 63% of women believe we have an unrealistic image of sex and 49% believe they did not get enough sex education when they were young.22.5% of Spanish women never or almost never reach orgasm during sex. Many feel so pressured to achieve orgasm in the way their masculine partners are expecting, that 52% end up faking it.To help to change these ideas we created, a website where we invited anonymous women to share something as personal as the sound of their own orgasms. Cutting-edge technology on the website then transformed the sound into “Data Art”, a unique and customised artwork for every participating woman, shareable on social media and printable. Data Art is created in a personalized way: the sound wave from the real orgasm were converted into a recording line and drawing a circle whose size depends on sound duration. The colors are selected from the frequency; movement is related to gain and loss. The direction and velocity depend on the average length on the sound wave.More than 750 women from 51 different countries uploaded their orgasms, adding tags describing their habits, preferences and ways of achieving orgasm. These data demonstrate the plurality of the female orgasm and the infinite ways of achieving it, contrary to what media porn shows.With all this “Data Art” we launch Real Orgasms: The exhibition to paid homage to the real female pleasure.

Idea: To raise awareness about the plurality of the female orgasm and the infinite ways of achieving it, we created Real Orgasms: The Exhibition, an itinerant exposition that is touring the world’s greatest cities and will culminate at the New York Museum of Sex. It includes a sample of the more than 750 real orgasms we have received from 51 countries, including one from actress and feminist porn director, Amarna Miller. For her orgasm, the only one in the library that is not anonymous, we created an interactive poster that allows you to listen to it with the simple stroke of a finger, and it is the star piece in the exhibition.Real Orgasm posters are accompanied by brief descriptions to give context about the preferences of women all over the world regarding erogenous zones, their favorite places to have sex or masturbate, and even sensations and moods that trigger an orgasm.Most of the real orgasms were recorded alone (42%), but there were also a number of couples (18%) and even the occasional trio (1.1%). A total of 13% were recorded in bed, 4.4% on the sofa, 1.5% on the floor and 1.1% in the kitchen, but there was a long list of other venues including the workplace (1.9%) and the car (1.2%). Ecstasy (32%), excitement (12%) and impulsiveness (9.3%) are the main concepts associated with sexual relations on our platform.

Results: More than 750 anonymous women from 51 different countries recorded and uploaded their orgasms. Spain, EEUU, Germany, Mexico and Colombia are the nationalities that have contributed the most, including countries such as India, China, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.Real Orgasm receives 50,000 visits every month, converting it into a resource for co-creation and consumption of content with 3,000,000 plays. EEUU, Germany, China, Spain and México have been its main consumers.The real orgasms have been listened to more than 2.4 million times and have been shared on social media 6,250 times, triggering an honest debate about women’s sexuality.The campaign has appeared in 180 national and international media outlets, reaching estimated coverage of 20,2 million impacts, with an equivalent value in earned media of EUR2,246,980.We reached 2,838,534 users with the hashtag #OrgasmosReales, opened up the debate that remains alive to this day.750 real orgasms sounds have been shared with the main sound libraries and are now available to the world’s biggest film and fiction studios.

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