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"Alibaba Olympic Campaign – To the greatness of small"

Client: Alibaba
Product: Alibaba Corporate
Title: Alibaba Olympic Campaign – To the greatness of small
Media: Online video & Outdoor
Country: US, UK, Japan, South Korea and China
Date Of Campaign: 9th Feb, 2018

Background: Situation: Despite being an international giant, Alibaba faces the problem of an inconsistent brand image. Some people think of Alibaba merely an E-commerce platform, while some just have a vague impression of a technology company. Brief: Make the best out of Alibaba’s partnership with the Olympic Games and unify Alibaba’s brand image. The image need to go right into Alibaba’s brand ethos, to coincide with the Olympic spirit, to help distinguish the brand from other Olympic sponsors, especially those high-tech peers, and to engage and resonate with people all around the world. Objective: To unify audience’s understanding about what Alibaba stands for and what Alibaba has been doing. To engage with consumers around the world and drive brand preference.

Idea: When most people look only at greatness, Alibaba, as a leading technology company, celebrates the beauty and power of small, and empowers small businesses and young people with an equal chance to compete in the worldwide marketplace. This brand value coincides with the Olympic spirit, which encourages every individual’s participation. We choose to use true stories to announce this revolutionary concept to the global audience. The campaign consists of one manifesto video and two true stories, all of which aim to inspire the audience to feel the power of small, and to celebrate the greatness of small.

Results: Reach :Total Video Exposure: 847Million + Total Video Viewership: 110Million +Total Video Click View: 13.86MIllionEngagement:Weibo(China SNS) # Topic Generating: 500Million + (Earned Media)Twitter: 50 million impressions, 5.3k mentions and gained 4k+ new followers Facebook: 40k+ page visits, 15k+ likes, 1.4 million engagements, reached 14.8 million people and gained 16k+ new followersAlibaba Pyeongchang Showcasing Pavilion attracts 40K visitors during the 3-week game time.Impact: Earned Media Report: 580+ International media reportsNBC: Special and exclusive feature on Kenya Ice Hockey Team

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