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El Fogoncito
"Safe Taco"

Client: El Fogoncito
Product: Taco place El Fogoncito
Title: Safe Taco
Media: Guerrilla
Country: Mexico
Date Of Campaign: august 2017

Background: The second most common crime in Mexico City is burglary to restaurants. The majority of theses crimes are commited between 18 and 21 hours, taking away El Fogoncito's and other restaurant clients from their beloved tacos for dinner, one of the reasons this happens is because police is overwhelmed and has no time to protect every restaurant.

Idea: The idea was simple and powerful, we'll invite taco dinners to the policemen at El Fogoncito between 18 and 21 hours, every day, so the police is attracted to El Fogoncito, have them there or the possibility that sometime during dinner they will come making thieves move away from the taco place and customers move in feeling safe while being in the restaurant.

Results: During this iniciative, El Fogoncito kept a steady assistance while crime scared other restaurant's clientele.

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Ambient / Guerilla / Outdoor