"On Hold Music Band Live"

Client: Shackleton
Product: Christmas campaign
Title: On Hold Music Band Live
Media: outdoor, ambient, direct
Country: Spain
Date Of Campaign: 14/12/17

Background: Consolidate and build on our brand positioning in terms of innovation and experiential communication attributes.Galvanise the agency’s relationship with current and potential clients, prompting brand experiences that are disruptive, memorable and highly personalized.It is difficult, in this instance, to provide a relevant or appropriate background since we believe that nothing like this has ever been done before. We are not aware of any similar intervention of this kind ever having existed with current/potential consumer contacts and their engagement with the brand.The combination of experience, technology, creativity and music allowed us to transform Christmas into a unique opportunity to convey our capacity for innovation, personalisation, creativity plus our ability to channel all that into a refreshingly surprising festive message for existing clients, potential clients and friends of the agency…

Idea: Christmas is coming and, along with it, tired old Christmas carols piped down telephone lines of company switchboards up and down the country, including ours…However, at Shackleton we decided that, this year, our on hold music would be very different indeed:We transformed one of our conference rooms into an authentic Bourbon Street-style club. We placed a blues band in there, installed a smart telephone switchboard to take calls made to all of our offices and we created a website where people could watch it all happening live.Every time our company switchboard received a call it was put on hold, our band of blues musicians would intervene and surprise the caller with an impromptu (LIVE) and personalised Christmas carol of their choice (“Silent Night”, “Adesle Fideles”, “Jingle Bells”, etc.) played in genuine blues style, and personalising the lyrics to suit the caller’s moniker and reason for ringing.

Results: o More than 400,000 users impacted o Over 1,500 mentions in social media.o More than 500 calls with their respective Live Music On Hold experience.o More than 10,000 website visits.o “One of the 7 best Christmas campaigns in the world in 2017” Adweek (22/12/17)o “Using the relatively ancient and unused medium of the telephone and having fun with it to such an extent over a million people got to hear about it” Directory (March 2018)

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Ambient / Guerilla / Outdoor