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Client: IBM
Product: Information Technology
Title: #WhatMakesGreat
Media: Ambient, Live Event, Digital, Social, Outdoor
Country: United Kingdom
Date Of Campaign: 3/5/2017

Background: Integral to IBM’s business strategy was gaining share in the growing Artificial Intelligence category. Although there was decent awareness of IBM’s Artificial Intelligence platform, Watson, we knew from research that there was a lack of familiarity with what Watson does and the benefits of Watson to business. The principal campaign objective: • increase familiarity with Watson amongst a business audience. In addition, there were three specific KPIs: • IBM being seen as more innovative• IBM being seen as more relevant• Generation of a pool of over 1m engagements (which could then be re-targeted to deep content on Watson and the opportunity to trial Watson)

Idea: Watson became Wimbledon’s first AI tennis pundit, Pundit Watson.Pundit Watson worked to understand what makes a great player. Studying 22 years of sports commentary by reading 11.2 million words in blogs, articles and interviews. All combined with 54 million tennis data points tracked from 1990 and learnings from coaches, journalists, and ex-players about passion, stamina, ‘performance under pressure’, playing styles and the personality traits of the greatest players. Watson became an expert tennis pundit with the ability to uncover unseen patterns and express insight in human terms.Using this insight Pundit Watson inspired fans, players, champions (Martina Navratilova, Jamie Murray and Marion Bartoli coming forward to be involved) and journalists, provoking a debate using #WhatMakesGreat.

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