Client: Renfe
Product: Renfe (Spain’s national railway company)
Title: Moving
Media: Cinema / SM / YouTube
Country: Spain
Date Of Campaign: 27/04/18

Background: Renfe is Spain’s national railway company, the only passenger train operator circulating along the Red Ferroviaria de Interés General (General Interest Railway Network) as well as being one of the country’s freight train companies.

Idea: To celebrate Mother’s Day, Spain’s national railway company Renfe tells an eye-opening story featuring everyday people, life-changing journeys and of course, mums. The commercial opens with a family at a train station. Our lead, in this particular case, dad, seems to be upset and annoyed because his young daughter is moving to another city to live with her boyfriend. On the other hand, mum and grandma seem to be on the daughter’s side. In the end, after an unexpected turn of events, we discover that it’s not the girl after all who’s moving away with her boyfriend, but the grandma instead, his own mother, teaching him a lesson in life.

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