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Audi Spain
"Ever After"

Client: Audi Spain
Product: Brand Campaign
Title: Ever After
Media: All media
Country: Spain
Date Of Campaign: December 2017 to January 2018

Background: Audi, which has led the automotive industry since 2016 with its commitment to gender equality, wanted to launch a new awareness campaign to reinforce its commitment to gender equality in order to produce the maximum amount of publicity in the automotive sector. Audi was inspired by a true story, the story of Michèle Mouton who, in 1981, became the only woman to win an event in the World Rally Championship. She won with an Audi Quattro. Forty years on, no other woman has matched this feat. Audi put her under the spotlight again to create a campaign that empowers the Michèle Moutons of the future.

Idea: We transformed Michèle Mouton’s story into a fable that would overturn the stereotypes of both fairy tales and the automotive world to create a more explicit bond with female drivers of today and tomorrow. A story was chosen because according to psychologists, they have an impact on the development of self-esteem and values such as intelligence and passion in girls. This five-minute animated, live action short features all the stereotypes of the classics: a tower, a fairy godmother, a wolf, a ball, and a Prince Charming. But its star, a determined young woman, conquers them one by one using the power of imagination. Just like Mouton, for whom there were no towers, or pumpkins or charming princesses to stop her from being what she wanted to be.A trailer and several teaser capsules were created for social media. The entire film was broadcast on Movistar+ television, social media, and cinemas. Mouton collaborated in the project telling her story in a documentary that emphasizes the parallels with the animated tale.

Results: Audi Spain’s campaign was used as the global Christmas campaign, reaching 41 countries. The short film has been watched 12+ million times. One million people watched the entire film in movie theatres. One million people watched it on TV. The campaign appeared in 200+ media outlets all over the globe, reaching an audience of 127 million people.

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