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"Humans Will Be Humans"

Client: Samsung
Product: Samsung Knox
Title: Humans Will Be Humans
Media: TV & Online Film
Country: Global
Date Of Campaign: 15/6/2017

Background: As business becomes increasingly mobile, businesses are becoming increasingly concerned about keeping their data safe. So they make their employees jump through hoops in order to keep that data safe. Hoops like having to remember complex passwords that have to be changed every other week. Or forcing employees to give the IT guys access to all the data on their phones (even the personal stuff). But employees care more about getting that presentation out on time than whether the free coffee shop wifi is secured or not. They let their kids use their work phones too. And of course, they spend more time coming up with witty tweets than they do coming up with a safe password. After all, humans will be humans. And that’s why Samsung built Knox. A mobile security platform that just deals with all this stuff, without getting in the way of how humans behave.

Idea: Humans will be humans. They treat their work phones like their personal phones and do all sorts of weird and wonderful things with them. So we sourced and used 100% real footage of people doing some of those silly things with their work phones. And we then told the business audience how simple it is to keep their confidential corporate data secure with Samsung Knox. No matter what their employees get up to.

Results: The campaign hit 89.9 million impressions across Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Bloomberg, The Washington Post, CIO, Wired and a number of other global media partners. An average video completion rate of 64% (astounding for such a busy audience) led to 840,000 click-throughs to the Samsung Knox hub on Samsung.com (55% higher than the industry benchmark). The spots created 2.5x higher consideration for the Knox platform, and 3x higher preference for the Samsung brand overall.

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