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localsearch – Swisscom Directories AG
"So Much for “Undeliverable”"

Client: localsearch – Swisscom Directories AG
Product: marketing and advertising services for sme
Title: So Much for “Undeliverable”
Media: Direct Mailing
Country: Switzerland
Date Of Campaign: June 2018 onward

Background: localsearch boasts the widest coverage of any Swiss directory platform and offers small and medium-sized enterprises, in particular, a vast array of analog and digital platforms and services that help potential customers find them. The aim now was to remind lost customers of these services – and win them back.

Idea: The “win-back” campaign was spearheaded by a mailing containing a personal promotional code for a localsearch business card, enabling former customers to be found by their potential customers for just one Swiss franc a day. In order to dramatize the notion of not being found, we created a mailing that looked just like mail that has been returned undelivered. In other words, it looked like the recipient was the sender of a returned letter, although they had never sent it in the first place. It’s not as complicated as it sounds: everyone in Switzerland is familiar with the postal return label “recipient not found at address provided.” The “returned mail” illustrated to the former localsearch customer that the mail of their potential customers could suffer the same fate and that they too can no longer be found (as they are no longer listed in the localsearch directories).

Results: The campaign generated an exceptional buzz and very high letter-opening rates. 7% of the customers contacted entered their personal code immediately, booking a localsearch business card that enables them to be found again.

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