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Lyon Yoga
"Curved Cards Ambient Flyers"

Client: Lyon Yoga
Product: Lyon Yoga Classes
Title: Curved Cards Ambient Flyers
Media: Business Cards / Ambient Flyers
Country: UK
Date Of Campaign: Jan 2019

Background: Launching any new business is hard and Yoga is no exception. In the past couple of years ‘yoga’ was one of Google’s most searched words so despite it being designed to create inner peace and enlightenment it is a very aggressive market place. So when Lyon Yoga launched they needed cut through but they also needed it at a cut price.

Idea: We designed a very simple business card that could be used as an ambient flyer, printed on special curved card, to mimic a yoga deep back bend (Urdhva Dhanurasana if you know your stuff). The cards could simply be left on café tables, salon counters, bar foyers etc, where they really stood out. They were styled to be bright, funky and fun, in keeping with the new classes and the personality of the instructors and the brand.They would also bend back flat for putting in a purse or wallet.

Results: Within 4 weeks of launching the majority of classes were running at over 90% capacity, with several over-subscribed. Feedback from the class members cited the Curved Card as the brand piece that 'caught their eye', 'made me think of yoga' and 'got me to book' - so clearly the Curved Card, although small, was a massive driver in drawing in business.

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