Rodgers Townsend, DDB

Spectrum Brands
"Raw Happiness"

Client: Spectrum Brands
Product: Dingo
Title: Raw Happiness
Media: Social, Direct Mail, Pre Roll, Connected TV
Country: United States
Date Of Campaign: June 29, 2017

Background: All is right with the world when your pup is happy. Their unbridled joy is what makes them such lovable companions. And as the category leader in rawhide treats, Dingo was in a unique position to own pure pet happiness. Through the Raw Happiness campaign, we’ve taken the excitement and joy man’s best friend experiences to the extreme.

Idea: With the Raw Happiness campaign, Dingo made it their mission to spread happiness to each and every dog. To promote our effort, we went all out to give Bailey, a tennis ball-obsessed Labrador, an adventure of a lifetime. And we captured every slobbery, bliss-filled moment – complete with over 4,000 balls and tennis ball cannons. After our campaign hit social media, we immediately received comments from proud dog owners showing off their own tennis ball-obsessed pooches. And we wanted to give them a taste of Raw Happiness, too. So we created personalized boxes addressed to the dogs, complete with a branded tennis ball and a Dingo rawhide sized just for them. All in the name of spreading Raw Happiness far and wide.

Results: Across our channels, Raw Happiness garnered over 20 million impressions with a 31% engagement rate on Facebook, and a 72.4% pre-roll completion rate on YouTube with over 4.6 million video views. Given the limited media budget, all of these metrics far exceeded industry benchmarks.

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