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"Netflix Dinners"

Client: Spark
Product: Netflix Dinners
Title: Netflix Dinners
Media: Experiential, Social Media
Country: New Zealand
Date Of Campaign: February - March 2017

Background: With an important new partnership, New Zealand telco Spark could offer Netflix for free with broadband. To create awareness, we sent our customers an experience that made watching their favourite shows on Netflix, even better. We developed the world’s first Netflix Dinners. Iconic meals inspired by the biggest Netflix shows were recreated and delivered to die-hard fans. It meant they could eat like their favourite characters, with their favourite characters. It’s the ultimate Netflix experience that you couldn’t get anywhere else.New Zealand’s biggest telecommunications company, Spark, had partnered up with the world’s biggest streaming service, Netflix. With this new partnership, Spark had an offering that no other telco could match, free Netflix with selected broadband packages. This dramatically increased the value of Spark’s broadband, but we also needed to increase the value of the brand itself to reduce churn and retain valuable customers. The objective was to leverage Spark’s new Netflix offer in a way that attracted the attention of Spark’s most valuable customers, leading them to resubscribe to broadband packages Spark offers. We knew that unlimited broadband customers loved to stream music, movies and TV shows, so our Netflix offer would interest them. With binge-watching as the new norm, viewers of all ages and backgrounds were becoming ‘superfans’. We needed to do something that took that interest and turn it into excitement with an activity only Spark could offer.

Idea: We took the most-raved-about Netflix shows and found something in them we knew our customers, the superfans, would love to experience themselves. The food.So, we created the world’s first Netflix Dinners – iconic meals from the biggest Netflix shows, delivered to the doors of Spark customers. We started with a meal of BBQ ribs, greens and cornbread from Freddy’s BBQ Joint (House of Cards), then a meatloaf prison dinner from Lichfield Penitentiary (Orange Is the New Black), then followed up with Eleven’s favourite waffles with an extra ‘upside-down’ twist (Stranger Things). This gave customers a Netflix experience like never before, allowing them to eat like their favourite characters, with their favourite characters. Netflix Dinners would go on to become an ongoing platform for Spark, with more meals on the way.The job of forging a higher opinion of the brand, and most importantly the better experience it offered, would only be achieved by engaging with people on an emotional level. Leading with the biggest Netflix shows that had the widest appeal allowed us to tap directly into the most devoted fans, and gain cut through to the most qualified audiences. They would also recognise the most value in getting Netflix free with broadband and therefore more likely to convert as a result of this offer.And it’s through social channels that we had the chance to lever our superfans. The social campaign targeted like-minded Spark customers and was made up of a series of social posts intended to tease and launch the Netflix dinners, then lead customers through the purchase funnel with retargeting.

Results: Netflix Dinners saw success in two key areas: renewal of broadband packages and brand awareness for Spark.Thousands of superfans tried to win a Netflix Dinner in the first 24 hours on Facebook, and over 4 million impressions for the social campaign activity were achieved. Mentions of the streaming service cut through 46% of conversation. Spark won an 89% share of voice against other network providers; won significant brand attribution in 18% of campaign commentary. 46% of commentary mentioned the Netflix brand, showing the power the emotional connection our Netflix Dinners had. 8.7% of total acquisitions from paid digital channels were achieved from 1% of the spend. At $40.29, our retargeting posts generated the lowest CPA across all digital conversion activity.Most importantly, our Netflix Dinners led to a record re-signing of over 25% of existing broadband customers who resubscribed for a new broadband contract with Netflix.

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