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"Story Book"

Client: Story UK
Product: Story UK
Title: Story Book
Media: Direct Mail
Country: UK
Date Of Campaign: Jan 2017

Background: The founders of Story set up shop in 2002. It’s an award-winning integrated agency based in Edinburgh, with a list of UK-wide clients, operating in UK, European and International markets.We work for clients in a whole range of exciting sectors, telling brands’ stories across the full range of media and marketing disciplines.However, in the tradition of shoemakers’ children going barefoot, our own story had been untold for sometime. We needed to kick start our new business drive.

Idea: We drew up a list of new business prospects, strategically matched to our sector, specialisms and channel expertise. And in a world of digital, where direct mail is under-used and almost bordering on the nostalgic, we decided to cut through directly to our targets with a mailing. So what could be more pertinent for an agency called Story, than a story book?The book features the brand stories we’ve told over the years. Each book is personalised by hand and carries a library card-holder for our MD’s business card. The inside of the dust jacket features the names of everyone – colleagues, clients, suppliers and associates – who’ve been part of the story so far…

Results: At the start of 2017 our new business target was to generate revenue of £200k. A crucial new business tool was our book, which we sent to our list of targeted prospects.Of that new business target, we wanted 30% to be in the shape of digital revenue. In fact, digital revenue represented 60% of the new wins. At the end of 2017 we had exceeded our total new business target by £125K achieving new revenue of £325K – 162% over target. Of the total new business achieved in the year, 80% of the clients had received the book prior to either approaching us for a meeting or inviting us to pitch.

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