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by marei Einrichtungskonzepte AG
"Hockår – the First Multifunctional Image Brochure Mailing"

Client: by marei Einrichtungskonzepte AG
Title: Hockår – the First Multifunctional Image Brochure Mailing
Product: Hockår
Media: Mail & Door Drops
Country: Switzerland
Date Of Campaign: March 2017

Background: by marei is a small, young retail company that specializes in designer furniture. Its managers have a small showroom and particularly impressive expertise when it comes to designer seating from around the world. To clearly convey this to potential customers, both building owners and architects, it was necessary to create a marketing tool that could be used as a brochure and a mailing in one.

Idea: Rather than create and send out a standard A4 glossy brochure, the mailing comprised a number of different component parts. Pieced together after they had been read, they formed a useful and robust (designer) chair, without the need for any nuts and bolts.

Results: After just 40 days, by marei had had a 58% response to the first 100 Hockår sent out. Follow-up phone calls with potential customers led to 23 concrete enquiries for the furnishing of properties as well as to a major contract for by marei to provide the seating to a hall of cultural events.

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