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Client: Prólogo
Product: Prólogo Bookstore
Title: Tinderbooks
Media: Tinder
Country: Colombia
Date Of Campaign: February 2018

Background: Bookstores all over the world are an endangered species and Colombia is no exception. Every day a bookstore dies at the hands of something that seems more entertaining: Netflix, HBO, Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, Tinder, YouTube, Youporn. This has led to the average number of books a Colombian reads dropping to 1.2 books per year, meaning the population is one which reads least across Latin America.Prólogo, one of the last bookstores in Bogotá, is refusing to die and to take advantage of St.Valentine’s Day approaching, decided to create a strategy to for people to fall in love and to encourage new readers.

Idea: To find love where everyone looks for love these days; Tinder. We created Tinder profiles for authors that would be attractive to anyone: Julio Cortazar, Andrés Caicedo, Virginia Woolf etc. and we put them into the same place as all the single guys and girls on Tinder, perhaps out of curiosity people swiped right and they had a match. From there, all the things we’re familiar with came next: Chat, I like this, you like that, exchanging stories, finding they had things in common and at the end of course, a date to get to know each other better and to fall in love. The date would of course take place at Prólogo.

Results: During the two months of the activity: We didn’t spend a single penny. (Our Community Manager embodied many writers) The writers got 94,000 matchesWe started thousands of conversationsPrólogo increased sales by 11%, which is a significant amount considering that in Colombia the average person reads 1.2 books a year.

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