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"Just Ask a Golf Driver"

Client: Volkswagen
Product: Volkwagen Golf Family
Title: Just Ask a Golf Driver
Media: Website
Country: Canada
Date Of Campaign: November 14, 2017

Background: Volkswagen Canada wanted us to grow Golf test drives and Golf sales, despite an untrustworthy brand reputation. So before we could sell, we needed to first find a way for consumers to listen and see the Golf in an honest and positive light. We needed to regain their trust.

Idea: With consumers increasingly ignoring brand communications, and looking to other buyers for opinions, ratings, and reviews to help them decide what to buy, we connected prospects with real Volkswagen drivers whose first-hand experiences could influence their purchase decision. We tapped into the loyalty of current drivers and created “Just Ask a Golf Driver” – an online forum, where prospects could ask Golf drivers questions for unbiased answers. We would put the brand’s reputation in the hands it’s drivers.

Results: -90 thousand visits, 3 times our original goal, and tallied more than 30,000 unique questions and answers.-148% increase in Golf test drives during the campaign period (compared to average Golf test drives in a given month)-61% more Golfs were sold than the previous year.

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