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LEGO Australia
"Making The List"

Client: LEGO Australia
Product: LEGO
Title: Making The List
Media: Online Video, Social & Display
Country: Australia
Date Of Campaign: 1st December 2017

Background: Situation:Any parent knows Christmas isn’t complete without sitting down after the present opening to wade through a fresh LEGO instruction booklet and shiny new bricks. Problem is, the 85-year-old brand continuously has to fight off the season’s fad toys to stay at the top of Australian kids Christmas wish-lists.Brief:Our brief in one word: relevance. Throughout the competitive Christmas season, how do we ensure an 85-year-old toy continues to appeal to children who have a never-ending selection of new and exciting toys to choose from? Objectives:LEGO don’t sell direct in Australia so partnerships are essential to shifting stock. Objectives defined:1.Boost sales of ‘priority’ LEGO sets. a.Priority sets selected based on being high in stock and providing high margins for the retailer. 2.Engage with retail partners to unlock physical availability at the most competitive time of the year.

Idea: Creative idea:Introducing LEGO’s ‘Making The List’. To make Australian kids’ Christmas list, we literally made the other toys we were up against.We identified the most popular toys of the season and created them from the LEGO bricks from our priority sets. Think My Little Pony, iPads, Drones, Games Consoles, Paw Patrol, Hatchimals and many, many more.When parents shopped online for these toys, we hacked their search with a LEGO version. This reminded gift-givers of the single most important benefit of LEGO - with the power of imagination, LEGO has endless possibilities and can be any toy a child wishes for.Creative execution:We partnered with one of LEGO’s key retail partners, Target. This gave us the opportunity to create a bespoke online destination featuring the products we were promoting.It also opened up highly valuable digital shelf space on eBay via Targets eBay shop, with the execution using eBay’s search result API.We developed listings for our partners showing the seasons most popular toys made from LEGO. When gift givers shopped online, the LEGO version was there. Each listing highlighted multiple toys children could build from a single LEGO set, reinforcing the power of imagination. The shopper could then purchase the LEGO set that the toys were built from.Stop-motion animations of the toys built from LEGO followed gift-givers around the internet and social platforms. We developed an extensive and comprehensive list of the most popular toys and used keyword targeting to serve the LEGO creation relative to the users search input.

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